We are a creative agency with focus on responsive web design, branding, and SEO

We Do:

Social Media

Social Media describes a wide range of technologies that allow users to create and exchange content. For any company looking for branding opportunities, or to better project their identity onto the web, social media is invaluable. There is no better way to harness consumers to generate positive branding opportunities for you. The problem? These means of communication are in constant flux, making it easy to fall behind. Part of our process is helping you execute your social media strategy, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve.

Brand and Logo

If you are seeking a new identity for your company, or are thinking about undergoing a new branding effort, Graphic Fusion Design is here to help. A logo is not a brand by itself, and won’t define your company’s identity by itself either. Our team understands the relationship between these distinct elements and how they can come together to create something that expresses your company’s mission. By going through our process, we can help you create something that exceeds expectations.

Web Design

At Graphic Fusion Design, we believe in providing our clients with the best web design solutions possible—solutions built to last. That is why we focus on responsive web design, an approach that helps ensure a consistent user experience across the range of platforms through which users will experience a site. Responsive web design helps offer users a consistent experience, eliminating the hassle of mobile sites. We maintain that ease of use for clients by using WordPress so they can manage their sites themselves.

Link Building

Link building is a crucial part of any SEO campaign, and the Tucson web design professionals at Graphic Fusion Design can help. While the algorithms behind search engines like Google are complex, it’s beyond a doubt that links serve as powerful votes of confidence. The more links you receive, the better; however, as search engines advance, older “quick fix” practices cease working. We are dedicated to responsive web design, so we stay abreast of new developments, ensuring your link building will garner long-term results.

Identity Design

Concepts like identity design can often seem ambiguous or hard to pin down, but at Graphic Fusion design, we understand what excellent identity design entails. We are much more than simply a web design firm, as we offer a full range of design services. We can help you answer tough questions like, “who are we as a company?” and “where are we going?” and then represent those answers visually. From logos to packaging and apparel design, we have expertise in the full range of visual representations of a company’s identity.

SMS Integration

If you’ve been wondering how to integrate your website with your phone, Short Message Service (SMS) integration can offer you an efficient solution. As a Tucson web design firm with an international reach, we have experience using SMS integration in a range of ways. You can use SMS integration as part of a responsive web design approach that can serve as a valuable marketing and organizational tool, allowing you to contact your customers directly on their cellphones with easily personalized messages.


Google AdWords can serve as a powerful tool in any Internet marketing campaign, but like everything in web design, branding, and marketing effectively, using AdWords can be complicated. The pay-per-click model of Google’s program can help create a very effective campaign, and it allows for excellent branding opportunities that can be targeted locally or globally per your preference. As a company, we are dedicated to cutting edge web design, so we will always be up to date on how to optimize AdWords for you.

Package Design

Package design is a crucial part of any effort to define your company’s identity, just as it is in your branding efforts. At Graphic Fusion Design, we pride ourselves on being able to help our clients across the spectrum of their design needs, including with the creation of innovative and effective package design. The amount of branding mileage you can achieve through packaging alone is impressive, and whether you are seeking to re-brand, or simply to better define your company identity, our process is designed to help you.

Web Apps

Aside from responsive web design, one of our main focuses as a Tucson web design company is on web applications, or “web apps.” We have already designed web apps—for clients, and our own company—that offer elegant solutions to common problems. Our app allows you to easily obtain client approval on projects, and our LisaHQ project management web app solves many of the problems we encountered using other systems. The team at Graphic Fusion Design relishes opportunities to update web apps or to develop new ones.

PPC Management

Pay-Per-Click Management, or PPC Management as it is often called, is a valuable service for those seeking to increase the rate of return on their company’s advertising investment. At Graphic Fusion Design, we pride ourselves on being a Tucson web design firm with a global perspective. We structure our campaigns purposefully so that we can make sure that you get the maximum possible positive impact on your branding efforts.


If you are searching for ecommerce solutions, Graphic Fusion Design can help. We focus on responsive web design, ensuring that your customers will have a consistent experience whether they are accessing your site on a smartphone or a desktop computer. We are proud to be a Tucson web design company, but we are equally proud that we have helped implement solutions internationally. No matter the aspect of ecommerce you need help with—from Internet marketing to data collection—we can find a solution for you.

UI and UX Design

User interface design (UI design) and user experience design (UX design) are both crucial parts of every project we do. UI design focuses on what a user sees in front of them when they visit a site. UX design is focused on the totality of a user’s experience, i.e. not just what they see, but how they feel about it. We focus on both in order to ensure optimal results for our clients’ customers, and we use WordPress to ensure our clients have a positive user experience on the backend of their sites as well.