Learn A Little Bit About Us Before We Join Your Team


Working together to create original and unexpected solutions for our clients is what we love to do. For the past nine years, we’ve crafted integrated branding and marketing solutions for clients around the world. We continue to grow and expand as a creative digital agency, always accepting new challenges and delivering innovative solutions.


We start by listening to what our clients want. Then, we do our research to determine what our clients need. By fusing these two factors, we develop a unique brand identity and marketing strategy designed to elevate and sell itself as an integrated whole.


We are a team of strong-minded individuals with a passion for quality. Our strength lies in our willingness to challenge one another to push the boundaries of our comfort zones. Collaborating and voicing our opinions across departments allows us to continuously grow as professionals and as a team.

We like to think of our team as a built-in focus group.
Our team consists of independently minded creatives who have found the balance between self-expression and collaboration. Each design we produce is spearheaded by a unique viewpoint, then rounded with the insight collectively provided by the rest of our team.


Alex Gurevich

Art Director

Andrew Lucas

Lead Designer

Lisa Watanabe

Marketing Analysis

Patrick Kozey


Nathan Puente

Marketing Director

Travis Yewell

Graphic Designer

Andrey Alenin

3D Artist / Animator

Monty Edmonds

3D Production Manager

Bruce Bennett

Project Manager

Karla Pineda

Graphic Designer

Carolina Pineda


Charles Lloyd

SEO Strategist

David Bergeron

Lead Developer

Julia Grignon

SEO Specialist

Andrea Miller

Front End Developer

Justin DeMaio

Marketing & Business Development


Our Process


When we are hired by a client, we become members of their team. We believe collaboration is essential in the creation of a brand that is both aesthetically and marketably successful. This requires an intimate understanding of the client and their industry, which we gain via our foundation stage.


With each website we create, we conduct a careful planning of the user experience via strategic content mapping and a focused attention to logical hierarchy. Utilizing skillful design execution, we formulate a strongly branded, intuitive user-experience for our client’s site, regardless of their field.


Code is poetry; a well designed website requires a cleanly coded, easily modifiable core beneath it’s surface to truly a succeed as a whole. Our developers exercise great care when creating websites, always taking external factors like future expansion and evolution into heavy consideration. 


Upon completion of an identity or web project, we provide marketing and SEO services to help you reach the broadest audience possible for your company. Specializing in proactive marketing, we use our knowledge of the client’s field to create a unique marketing plan for each campaign.


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Our Clients


Branding & Strategy

  • Brand Positioning
  • Media Engagement
  • Strategy
  • Marketing Plans


  • Web Design
  • App Development
  • UI/UX
  • CMS Modification


  • Digital & Print
  • Interactive
  • Data Visualization
  • Infographics

Content Development

  • Blogging
  • Analytics
  • Social Media